Two easy hiking trails in Madeira to get into nature

Madeira offers many possibilities for tourism. It is an area where you can enjoy the beach, but also its many towns and nature. And, precisely, we are going to focus on it in this article to propose two hiking routes that are very easy to do, being suitable for all people. In its journey you can see authentic wonders .

Lagoa do Vento

The first of the routes that we propose for hikers or for those who want to get into nature easily is the one that goes from Rabaçal to Lagoa do Vento . This route starts from the so-called Casa de Abrigo del Rabaçal and, specifically, from a road that is next to the ER105 regional highway.

This route allows you to enjoy nature and observe different species , especially the Erica Arborea and the Erica Scoparia ssp maderesis, as well as the uvera de la sierra or vaccinium padifolium.

This area also allows you to see other species such as laurel, wild narajelo, folhado, aderno or palo blanco, among others. And it is a very rich and curious area due to its transition from the heath landscape to the Floresta Laurissilva park, which was declared a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

After having traveled these paths for approximately 1,600 meters, you come to a path that forks. It is necessary to take the one on the left to get to Lagoa do Vento. It is a short walk of about 300 meters.

There you will be able to enjoy a pluvial lagoon that is formed by the waters that fall from the top of the escarpment and that mainly come from the Ribeira do Lajeado , although there are several water lines through the small existing branches. The landscape is one of the main wonders of Madeira, in addition to being an environment to enjoy the existing peace that is only broken by the sound of water.

Vereda dos Balcoes

Another of the hiking routes that we propose is the one known as Vereda dos Balcoes. This path begins at the Ribero Frio , having to walk through the Levada de Serra do Faial until you reach the Mirador dos Balcoes to enjoy spectacular views of the Ribeira da Metade valley and the Faial district.

Again, on this trail, it’s worth paying attention to the greenery . It is an environment in which species such as laurels predominate, as well as mountain grapes, Madeira orchids and vineyards . It is also possible to observe exotic trees such as oaks and bananas.

It is a beautiful landscape until you reach the Mirador dos Balcoes from which you can see two greenish valleys , which are characterized by their laurel forests and which are part of the Natura 2000 Network.

These forests are especially important because they are considered to be producers of water , since the leaves of the plants condense the drops of the mist and act as a channel to carry it towards the ground and pour it into rivers and other springs.

Nearby is also the Faja da Nogueira hydroelectric power station, which can be seen from the viewpoint, as well as the Central Mountain Range in which peaks such as Ruivo, do Areeiro, do Gato and das Torres stand out, which are considered the highest in this Portuguese island.

In this area, it is important to pay attention to the birds because the presence of the kinglet or Regulus ingnicapillus maderensis is common, which is considered the smallest bird in the Madeira forest.

It is not the only species of interest. Other birds such as the Madeira finch , the blackbird , the robin or the Madeira common buzzard are also observed. With a little more luck, you will be able to spot the wood pigeon , which is among the rarest birds. The path also leads to describe the Ribeiro Frio Forest Park and its trout farms .

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