Zhangjiajie National Park in China

National parks are very striking places thanks to their spectacular beauty, which is why it is always worth visiting all those that you come across on your vacation. In China you can find thousands of kilometers of natural landscapes that are of incredible beauty, many of them totally unknown to tourists who are not from the country.

China is also home to Zhangjiajie National Park , the first national park to receive such in the country and to be recognized as a World Heritage Site. A place that has been chosen many times by directors to be the setting for movies and television series. In fact, the movie "Avatar" is recorded in these landscapes, which no matter how much they seem like a computer creation, are astonishingly real.

A long story

The area of ​​this park was inhabited thousands of years ago, back in the Stone Age , so you can also find a large number of archaeological remains of great interest. There are areas that are difficult to access so that these remains do not spoil, and archaeologists are constantly making discoveries. Since it was an area protected by UNESCO, in the 90s, it has gained a lot in tourism and every year the number of visitors grows.

One of the most spectacular parts is Tianzishan , where you can see some rock formations that are impressive and it seems incredible that this has been created by Nature with that shape and that distribution. In addition to a natural environment like no other, in this park you can also see many Chinese paintings that are thousands of years old. It is convenient that you visit one of the tourist offices in the area so that you can discover the most beautiful areas at each time of the year.