10 tips to keep in mind before traveling by plane

Are you ready for a getaway or to enjoy your well-deserved vacation? If the answer is yes and you are going to fly soon, I recommend you take note of what I tell you in this article, since I am going to share a series of tips that you should take into account before traveling by plane . Shall we start?

1- The suitcases

Remember that there are a series of restrictions that have to do with the number of suitcases you can carry and their weight. You should pay attention to this before making the reservation, since in some cases a suitcase is not even included in the ticket price. If you have to book at the airport, you will lose more time and you will have to pay more than you would pay online.

Most airlines allow you to carry hand luggage , which normally cannot exceed 55x40x20 cm nor can it weigh more than 10 kilos. In any case, it is important that you inform yourself about it before preparing the suitcase so that you do not have to pay for excess weight once you are there. In fact, on many occasions you can also carry a bag or a bag used to store your laptop.


2- Baggage prohibited

Of course, any explosive or flammable substance such as firecrackers or gas cylinders will stay on the ground. The same happens with scalpels and other types of items with a sharp point , firearms or any item that can fire a projectile or cause injury.

The issue of liquids usually causes some problems, since it is not allowed to carry more than 10 bottles of 100 ml each in hand luggage. In addition, they must be placed in a transparent bag so that they are visible at the time of passing the control. The only exceptions are found in medicines and dairy products manufactured for babies, since in both cases there is no limitation whatsoever.

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3- The check-in ritual

Fortunately, controls are carried out in every country in the world to ensure flight safety. That means you will have to go through a checkpoint where they will examine everything you are wearing and force you to go through a checkpoint, which sometimes means you have to remove even your shoes. You should remove everything you carry in your pockets and anything metallic, such as a watch or a bracelet.


4- Specific rules of each country

Each country has its own rules and it is convenient to know them so as not to be upset. In the European Union , for example, the entry of food of animal origin that comes from a country that is not part of the European Community is not allowed.

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5- Clothing

It is important to travel comfortably on the plane, especially if it is a long trip. That is why you should avoid wearing tight garments and it is better to opt for fabrics that are as elastic as possible. Of course, do not make the mistake of wearing little clothes because the air conditioning usually works at full speed, which is why many times you find yourself having to ask for a blanket to protect yourself from the cold. Shorts and skirts, for example, are best avoided.


6- Forget the phone

Remember that you will not be able to use the phone during the flight. You will have to put it in " airplane mode " or turn it off, since the airlines prohibit its use because it interferes with its proper functioning. What is possible is to connect to a WiFi network, but the downside is that the airline that offers this possibility usually charges for allowing its use.

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7- eat what you want

No one will be able to prevent you from eating, so you can get on whatever you like. The only problem you are going to find is with the drinks , since unless you have bought them at the airport, they will not let you take them with you on the plane. You will have to buy a drink when the crew personnel pass, which means spending much more than on the ground. Baby milk is allowed.


8- Avoid plugging your ears

It does not always happen, but it is possible that pressure changes plug your ears, even injuring your eardrums . To avoid this unpleasant problem, it is best to chew a piece of gum just before taking off and just before landing, since these are the times when this change in pressure is most noticeable.

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9- Think plans for the children

If the trip is long and it is not at night, the children are likely to reach the point of maximum boredom that causes them to turn into little Gremlins . Part of that is your responsibility, as you should do your best to keep them entertained during flight hours. How? With toys, with sheets to paint, with books, with a video of their favorite drawings … Engender them so that the trip does not become eternal.


10- Move and hydrate

This is especially recommended when it comes to a long trip. Getting moving and hydrating will make the flight much more bearable, so get up every now and then to go to the bathroom and do your best to drink water or any other soda, avoiding fizzy drinks as much as possible.

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