A beautiful walk through Arezzo

Elegant and beautiful, Arezzo is a city in Tuscany that you must stop in if you spend your holidays in this part of Italy. It still preserves its essence almost intact without the tourist hand having done too much damage, with its restaurants, shops and businesses conceived for its inhabitants and not for foreigners. It has great historical and artistic wealth and its streets are sure to be familiar to you, as some scenes from the movie "Life is Beautiful" were shot there. And beautiful is also Arezzo. We know it in more detail below.

A medieval city

The very image of the city dates back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance . Its Piazza Grande stands out, the place where Roberto Benigni was chasing his prince . In the square you will find explanatory panels that will take you to the locations of this city that can be seen in the film.


The art of Arezzo

Arezzo is located 75 kilometers from Florence and 215 from Rome. In it it is possible to enjoy unique elements of medieval art such as the Cristo de Cimabue, a crucifix dating from 1270 and found in the church of San Domenico. It is considered that it was the first time that the figures of medieval painting managed to take perspective and movement. Another visit is the one you can make to the Vasari House, a palace that was the residence of the Italian Renaissance painter, architect and writer Giorgio Vasari. The Basilica di San Francesco is also a must-see, where you can see The Legend of the True Cross, Piero della Francesca’s masterpiece.

Antique dealers

Arezzo is also characterized by its tradition in the world of antiques , because in this place you will find many shops dedicated to it and on the first Saturday of each month an important market is installed in its streets. Arezzo is located on the fringes of the great routes of Tuscany, so it is a very magical place to be able to enjoy with the five senses, a step back in time that is worth taking.

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