A tall job: Quality Hunters

It seems too good to be true. Can you imagine a job in which you travel continuously, with all expenses paid, all over the world and you only have to tell your experiences? Well, that is the job that a Finnish airline, Finnair , has offered. This month, the airline is looking for four “ Quality Hunters ” to travel the world and report on all the good, and not so good, things that they find during their adventures.

According to a press release issued by the airline, these "hunters" will travel to cities in Europe , Asia and the US during the months of October and November. At the same time that they share their experiences in these cities, they will have to evaluate the flights and airports. They will be required to hold unbiased views and report back to the company on a regular basis.

Antti Nieminen , Global Marketing Communications Manager at Finnair Plc, explained in a press release that hiring these people will allow them to focus on issues that are very important to travelers today. Each of these people on their blog will be able to foster interesting and constructive discussions among the followers of these adventures. The company will give more information through its website from next September 26.

Once the hunters have been hired, the public will be encouraged to interact through the blogs and finally, they will have to choose which is the real Quality Hunter. Blog readers can also win two intercontinental flights between Europe and Asia for their participation.