Tips to travel calm and without risks

We all want everything to go well during the holidays . Even during a sporadic weekend we want to tie everything up so that nothing is left to chance. This is especially important when it comes to health, so we recommend that you pay attention to the following tips , they will surely come in handy to return home as you left or better.

Prepare the trip in advance, if it can be at least 20 days in advance. This is essential to avoid hiring things in a hurry, which in the long run is usually a problem, either because of the money spent or because the contract does not meet our expectations. Compare as many offers as possible.

– Keep in mind that you can contract diseases on the trip. Make sure you do well and go to a vaccination center to avoid dangerous diseases such as those that circulate in some countries. In the international vaccination center they can inform you very well.

Take clothes of all kinds , you never know how long it can be. Obviously, if you go to Finland you will not be hot, but you always have to go prepared for any surprise. Throw on flip-flops and coat alike, don’t be ashamed. Protect yourself from stings and bites, especially at bedtime.

Drink bottled water and try to avoid drinks with ice. It is not a matter of catching a cold in the middle of the trip, that would spoil everything.

– During the trip, eat food that is well cooked . Be very careful with sauces and fish, as they are the foods that tend to get worse before.

Eat peeled, washed and dried fruit . If possible, peel it yourself. Avoid salads in tropical places and reject any ice cream that may be made from non-potable water.

Travel suitcase
– Protective creams, water, cap, insecticide, anti-mosquitoes, sunglasses … they can be almost essential elements for your trip. Before you miss them, put them in your suitcase.

– Never share things as personal as a toothbrush or a razor. Also forget about tattoos in places where there is no hygienic-sanitary certificate.

– If you are going to have sex with someone you don’t know for more than one night, put on or put on a condom. This will help you avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

– Finally, take a small first aid kit for the trip . This is important to carry with you at all times, in some countries poisonous animals can attack you. In that case, you will always have to have a phone number on hand to ask for help.