The Sistine Chapel worsens because of tourism

Sistine Chapel
There is concern in Vatican City about the state of the Sistine Chapel . Unfortunately, tourism is not doing well to the most famous chapel of the Apostolic Palace. Several environmental studies and a series of cleaning works have served to verify that it is spoiling because of the many tourists who visit it daily.

Too many visits

It is estimated that some four million people visit the temple each year, causing dust, hair and fibers on its walls and floor, clearly damaging the state of the works of art that are housed there. Antonio Paolucci , the director of the Vatican Museums, lamented that they let too many people in. In addition, it has not hesitated to recognize that the air conditioning systems are inadequate. For all this, it has concluded that it is necessary to act as soon as possible so that in the coming years no one gets an unpleasant surprise.

Best of all, this problem was caught early and they will be able to act accordingly. Although the air conditioning systems can be fixed thanks to a certain investment, the most difficult thing will be to reduce the number of visits per year , since it is one of the main tourist attractions in the area and no one is willing to pass through there without stepping on the Sistine Chapel. We will see how they manage it in the coming years.