SniqueAway: Exclusive Trips with TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor , owned by Smarter Travel Media, has launched its own flash-sale site, following in the footsteps of Kayak and Travelocity. SniqueAway, that’s what the Web is called, promises to combine the exclusivity of a completely exclusive reservation with the comments originating from TripAdvisor. Customer feedback will be visible next to reservations for a limited time. Only people who register on the Web will have direct access to these comments and opinions.

As in other paid sites, registration can only be done by invitation of another member . All those who get their friends to sign up on the Web, will later receive $ 25 (about € 20) that will be discounted on their next reservation. TripAdvisor admits this launch was a bit late as other sites like American Express, Travelocity and Kayak launched their online sites earlier this year.

Massimo De Nadai , general manager of Smarter Travel Media, explained that this waiting time has helped them to see and learn how their direct competitors are moving in the market. In this way, he believes that they play with an advantage and that he can come out as winners in this game. The sites that appear on the Web are exclusive accommodations that have excellent discounts.

Thanks to TripAdvisor ratings, SniqueAway is likely to become a very useful source for most travelers who want to get some great deals on dream locations with a comprehensive guide to tips. Earlier this year, a survey by Ypartnership suggested that flash sales have been rapidly gaining popularity, especially in high-income households.