Urbane Nomads and its exclusive trips

Urbane Nomads , is an exclusive travel agency based in Singapore. The agency is responsible for finding unique destinations where travelers can enjoy a unique vacation. Each vacation package includes the most unusual accommodations and transfers that can be found in the area.

They are about to launch " The Most Luxurious Trip in the World " which will offer unique vacation experiences designed especially for the lucky few. Fortunate and wealthy, as prices for these vacations start at $ 2 million. Horse riding, falconry and hunting will be combined on this luxurious trip. The exhibition will go live in Abu Dhabi at the end of September.

This special trip aims to recreate the splendid hunting expeditions of Kublai Khan. You will gather unique experiences traveling through the western part of Mongolia , among other areas, on horseback. All transfers to the place of departure of the trip are included. As you progress through northern Mongolia, your horseback expedition will reach Shambhala , where you can enjoy Mongolian reindeer sightings.

Those who book the trip will be flown to Mongolia on a private jet , accompanied by a chef and a private butler. They will stay in the most luxurious accommodations at each of the trip stops. The journey begins in Beijing , where travelers will be able to choose their preferred accommodation: the Park Hyatt Beijing Presidential Suite or a Kengo Kuma-designed private mansion near the Great Wall.