Travel to Colchester

If you are going to travel to London or anywhere else in England, you should stop by Colchester , one of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom and which is about 90 kilometers northeast of the capital. A place with a lot of interest and in which you can learn all the history not only of the city (capital in its day of Roman England) but also of the entire country.

Here are some of the sights of Colchester :

Colchester Castle : It is a great fortress and is used as a museum, having one of the most interesting, attractive and spectacular collections in the country. There are many pieces from the Roman period and even an Egyptian sarcophagus. As for the castle itself, it is the symbol of the city and around it the most important festivals and events of the city are celebrated.

Layer Marney Tower : It was built during the reign of Henry VIII and is on the outskirts of the city, about 6 kilometers. It is a must see as it is also the most exalted Tudor House in the entire country. It is highly recommended to climb to the top of the tower, about 25 meters high, to enjoy the spectacular views of the entire county.

Colchester Zoo : Ideal if you travel with children, although if you don’t you can also have a great time, especially if you like animals a lot. It is one of the best zoos in the UK and has over 250 species of animals of all kinds.

Leisure World : Also ideal to go with children as it is a huge water park with lots of pools and slides, as well as entertainment for adults such as various bars, a bowling alley and several pool tables.

Historic center : Like any old town it is a marvel and in this case it is bordering the waters of the Colne river. In this area you can see remains of old walls and breathe all that impressive history that will always endure in this part of the city. A part of the center has been modernized a lot and has lost some of its charm, but now you have several shopping centers and wide avenues there.