Algeria gastronomic trip

Algeria has a seductive mix of cultures. This country has everything from fishing ports surrounded by white houses, passing through green hills and reaching the immense Sahara desert and the Hoggar mountains. With more than four fifths of its territory covered by the Sahara, the desert is the most important feature of Algeria. But the north of the country, colonized by the Phoenicians and the Romans, is covered with fascinating ruined cities full of green and fertile areas.

Its imposing capital, Algiers (‘the White City’) has a fascinating Medina to explore and a truly modern life that few tourists can stop exploring. Traditional Algerian cuisine shows the historical influence of the Berbers, the Arabs, the Turks and the French.
If you decide to taste one of its most typical dishes, you can choose between the mildness of some aromas or the spicier mixtures. Algiers and its popular seaside towns have a good selection of excellent restaurants, serving mainly Italian and French-style food. Fish dishes are exceptionally good. Here are some regional specialties :

– Look for stalls where you can buy skewers (skewers) of French bread and covered in a typical spicy sauce.
Couscous , a semolina paste, is a staple in Algeria and throughout North Africa.
Chickpeas ; These usually accompany many of the dishes since it is a cheap and tasty meal that is very satisfying.
– It is essential to taste the stews such as shakshuka, with vegetables, and tajine, with lamb or chicken, which are very typical for the area.