Angry Birds Theme Park in Finland

The Angry Birds video game has been sweeping mobile phones for some time and so much is the passion it arouses in some countries that in some of them they have even decided to make it a Theme Park. This is the case of Finland , which has decided to pay a great tribute to the friendly red bird that is always angry so that everyone can enjoy it in different ways.

Since it went on sale, several video games, comics, movies and even cookbooks have been made. Now comes Angry Birds Land , which opens in Tampere on April 28, specifically in an area of ​​the Särkänniemi park. There you can find all kinds of games and attractions that are in the theme parks but always with the birds as the protagonists, from roller coasters to bumper cars or any other attraction.

Such is the fury that this video game arouses that other theme parks are already being prepared in the United Kingdom, China or the United States. The origin of the video game is due to a Finnish company, so it is not surprising that they were the first to bet on an Angry Birds Theme Park . Created in 2009, the following year it achieved more than 12 million downloads worldwide, since then it has been the most downloaded application in the Apple App Store.

In this video game you take control of a flock of birds whose mission is to recover the eggs from their nest after a herd of pigs had stolen them. The objective is to complete several levels thanks to overcoming several shelters made of glass, wood, stone and other materials and that is where the pigs hide. Thanks to the help of a slingshot or a spring, you have to launch the birds against these structures in order to eliminate the pigs and level up.