Beach or mountain? Four ideal destinations so you don’t have to choose

beach towns
When organizing a trip, even if it is a getaway, it is common to have to choose the destination . And, of course, the dilemma is always between the beach and the mountains . However, it is a dispute that may have its days numbered. There are places that have both options. And, in addition, they are close because you do not have to leave Spain . Here we make some proposals to set the course.


Gerona is one of the provinces of Spain in which there is a wide range of towns that have sea and mountains. On this occasion, we are going to stop at Port de la Selva , which is located on the north coast of Cabo de Creus , on the Costa Brava.

This town stands out for its port because it has had an important fishing tradition. This has favored that the town is a group of marine architecture in which the church of Santa María de les Neus is worth seeing. Also, here is one of the best beaches in Catalonia.


In the province of Alicante, there is Finestrat , which is also a coastal and mountainous town. The cove of the same name is formed by a beautiful bay, which is protected from the surrounding areas. About five kilometers from the beach, is Lavilla that rises on a hill with hanging houses and narrow streets of Moorish origin.

beach towns


We also stop in Murcia, specifically, in Calabardina , which has its origin in the trap fishing activity. This fishing gear has disappeared today, as well as the specific facilities. However, it is a good tourist destination for its beach and the attractive funds to practice, for example, diving.


Of course you cannot miss destinations such as the islands and, specifically, Menorca with Alcaufar , in the municipality of Sant Lluís , in Menorca. It is striking for its white houses and classic piers on calm waters that are protected by rocky outcrops and islets.