Traveling abroad with children during the pandemic

Traveling abroad is a pleasure for many and for many others a necessity, since there are different jobs that merit constant travel.
The Covid-19 pandemic drastically changed the rules for the entire world, since, to reduce the massive contagions of people, international flights were greatly reduced around the world.

After more than a year of quarantine, the world is struggling to return to the normality that we had previously, and this in large part thanks to the existence of the various vaccines developed by laboratories around the world.

However, as we well know, vaccines do not prevent contagion with Covid-19, but rather reduce the severity of the symptoms of viral pneumonia caused by this virus infection, so we are not completely protected.

Make sure and travel safe during the pandemic with Globelink International!

Despite the various efforts carried out at airports by establishing various checkpoints both at departure and arrival sites, it is common to see cases of contagion from travelers during their stays abroad, therefore that insured travel is the best, especially if it is with Globelink International, an excellent option as travel insurance for EU residents .

In this way, you will be able to obtain with us a personalized insurance plan adjusted to your needs, for which 93% of our clients have classified their experience as excellent or great.

Likewise, with the issue of Covid-19 you will have free coverage and up to a 20% discount with Covid-19 tests throughout the United Kingdom.

Of course, all this remembering that you must comply with the protocols established by your country to go on a trip, since, if you do not comply with them, either for reasons directly related to Coronavirus or not, you will not be able to have coverage for this infection.


Globelink International Who are we?

At Globelink International we are a family of people who since 1996 care about the health of people and travelers, and since then as insurance for EU residents we make sure to guarantee this aspect when people are away from home enjoying some good morning of relaxation and peace.

We know that, within the planning of a trip, the issue of travel insurance is not exactly the part that gives the most emotion, however, we have an online process that makes planning very bearable.

Likewise, making sure during a trip is the part that produces the most peace and tranquility once people are in distant lands since they will have specialized medical help in case of important health problems that may arise, so it is worth the worth taking the time to think about these details.

Traveling with children? Why choose Globelink International over other insurers?

A question that plagues many people today, and indeed, forever, is whether their insurance has coverage for children, given that, due to the immaturity of their defense system or prone to accidents, they are a group of age quite vulnerable to suffering from medical eventualities during a trip.

Well, at Globelink International we tell you that, if it is possible to travel with children abroad, even during the pandemic, since with the payment of our annual policy, coverage for all children under 18 years of the same family unit has no additional cost .

In addition, Globelink has another series of interesting characteristics that make it not only a good option to insure your trips and those of your family, but also make it the best option as insurance for EU residents , and we present them to you below.

Buy your policy anywhere!

With Globelink you can acquire your travel insurance policy whether you are within the United Kingdom or anywhere in the European Union, besides that, it does not matter if you are already traveling or are planning one, you can still get your policy to gain the peace of mind you deserve during your trip.

Large coverage!

Many conventional and travel insurances tend to put obstacles to policyholders with various chronic or pre-existing pathologies of patients, so they only insure for acute or recent illnesses or health problems.

However, at Gloeblink International you will not have to worry about that, as we offer a wide range of coverage to our policyholders with respect to previous or long-standing pathologies.


Protect them all during your trip!

As we said before, we have coverage for people of all ages, since in the annual policies minors are exempt from payment, but equally protected, and as for the elderly, they will be covered up to 79 years old.

However, in travel policies that deal with one-time trips, we have protection coverage for people up to and including 89 years of age, so Globelink International undoubtedly tops the list as an international travel insurer within the European Union. and the UK.

Cruise coverage!

One of the best ways to travel and vacation with children is on cruise ships, since it is a way to isolate yourself and enjoy some beautiful days where you will have all the comforts of a resort, but at sea while you move from one place to another.

For the same reason we have added coverage in all our policies to cruise travel, since we know that everyone loves this way of vacationing, either during the pandemic or before it.

Sports and activities coverage!

Our policies such as insurance for EU residents now cover more activities than before since we have coverage for more than 100 sports and activities that you could do during your trip to get the most out of it.

On our website you can find the various lists of activities and sports covered, grouped into categories, where for those listed in categories 1 and 2 no additional payment will be necessary since they are sports or activities with less danger of persecution such as Basketball or Road Cycling, while those listed in Category 3 and 4 will require an additional payment for being potentially dangerous, such as Rugby or American Football.

Globelink International travel policies, tailored to your needs

We have a wide variety of policies, whether you are a very occasional traveler and only travel once a year, or you are a regular traveler who makes more than one trip abroad in the same year.

Likewise, we offer you different policies for those who find their pockets a little tighter or those who have greater financial freedom and who require longer stays abroad, offering in all cases our best service to all our clients.

Your tourist destinations do not have to be limited to the EU or the United Kingdom since you will be insured to travel anywhere in the world you want and even for winter sports.

In this way, each of the policies have different costs, so when choosing it, you should make sure to choose the one that best suits your immediate and medium-term needs.

So with this insurance for EU residents what are you waiting for to travel? Don’t let the pandemic or health problems limit you from enjoying how wonderful it is to travel alone or in the company of your family members, and of course, the smallest ones at home, with the peace of mind of being insured by Globelink International.