5 tips for renting a car in San Diego

A total of 964.5 square kilometers are what make up the Best City in the United States, so touring it in its entirety is a great challenge; challenge definitely worth taking.

This is a city that is built to move by car due to its road infrastructure, so here are five tips for renting a car in San Diego and how to make this process much easier.

Reserve a car in advance

When we travel as a family or with large groups of friends and we are looking for a specific type of car for our needs, making the reservation of the rental vehicle that we are going to use in San Diego in advance is of great help. Because by doing the online process we minimize the final cost of the service, compared to renting directly with the rental company when we arrive in the city and thus have the opportunity to choose between more vehicles and add additional services , even during high seasons where the demand is higher, in this way you guarantee the rental car.

These are some of the benefits of planning your trip in advance.

Take into account the requirements you need to be able to rent a car

One of the most important points to keep in mind when thinking about renting a car in San Diego is the requirements we need to do it successfully, so here are the ones that rental companies generally ask of Latin American residents. .

Credit card: despite the fact that many rental companies offer different types of payment at the time of booking, the holder of the reservation must always have a credit card under their name, since said card must have sufficient resources to cover the deposit that it is required.

Have a valid passport and driving license: it is necessary that you carry the driving license of your country of origin, valid and in Latin alphabet, accompanied by an international driving permit, since the latter is mandatory in some states of North America.

Have the minimum age: the person in charge of the reservation and who is going to take the service must be over 25 years old, this does not mean that it is the exclusive age, but that those who are between 21 and 24 years old and want to rent a car , are subject to an additional cost by some rental companies. Young people within this age range should bear in mind that the car category is limited, since due to rental policies they cannot reserve sports cars, vans, minivans, and among other cars.

Round trip tickets: it is important that you have your entry and exit tickets from the country, either by air or by sea. And in the event that you have entered by land through the CBX (Cross Border Xpress for its acronym in English), it is necessary that you upload the I-94 form in which the time of your stay is recorded, which you must fill out at enter and deliver once you leave the North American territory, the latter only applies to tourists.

It is best to add inclusions during booking

The inclusions when renting a car in San Diego are those extra services that you can purchase together with the car and that by doing so will make the trip much more efficient.
For example, not having insurance or support in the event of an accident, you can remedy it by acquiring coverage such as LDW / PDW, Loss Damage Waiver and Partial Damage Waiver, which cover drivers against possible damages suffered by the vehicle. , or the Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) which is responsible for shielding the drivers of the rented car when they cause an accident, exempting them from liability by covering personal or material injuries caused to third parties, as long as when said accident was not due to misuse of the rental vehicle.

Another feature that you can also add to your reservation is an additional driver, since many times we travel accompanied and from time to time we want to give up the wheel, we just have to bear in mind that the person who is going to register as the second driver must be When picking up the vehicle from the rental office, present the same documents as the reservation holder and be over 25 years old.

There is also the possibility of adding the much appreciated roadside assistance, which covers you 24 hours a day in case of mechanical failures during the time you use the rental car, or the GPS that gives you location on the road.

And finally the satellite radio to have constant entertainment in the car, the Wi-Fi, which allows you to be constantly connected and the child seat, which is mandatory in case of traveling with little ones (I must clarify that these three inclusions They must be requested and paid directly with the rental company when picking up the car).

Know the fuel policies

This is a very important feature when renting a car in San Diego, since knowing the state in which you receive the vehicle and also where you should deliver it saves you money, makes your experience more comfortable and allows you to the trip you plan to take in San Diego will be easier.

There are several ways to acquire fuel with rental companies, generally they all have two policies that are:
Full – full: Where you receive the car with full fuel and you must return it in the same way to the rental company (Always ask or check what type of fuel the car handles to speed up the process and avoid inconveniences).

Full – empty: In this case you receive the car with a full tank of fuel and you have the freedom to return it to the rental car empty or with the level as low as you want (This service works as an inclusion, so it has an additional cost).

It is necessary to clarify that each company has its own specific fuel policies , where they offer you personalized options, a good example of this is the case of Avis car rental , in which you have the option of delivering the vehicle without fuel, in In case you did not purchase the additional tank during the reservation, but in return you must pay a fee for the shortage that may be a little higher than what you would be charged at a gas station.

Get informed, knowledge is savings

The more you know, the easier it is to save, because the mere fact of renting a car in the United States positively affects your pocketbook. However, there are some benefits that come with knowing the whole process that this takes.

A good example is not returning the car on the day it was agreed, or even doing it late, and that is when you rent a car you must indicate the exact day and time you are going to return it, because going over that time it will generate an additional charge.

On the other hand, a resource that will also help you save money is to add all the additional values ​​that you are going to need at the time of booking, because when you do this, you make sure you know exactly what additional service you must pay, and these usually The rental companies offer them directly at the destination, for a value up to three times greater. So, read the rental agreement very well and verify that the information is what you previously agreed to.

There they are, the 5 tips that make renting a car in this city a really easy and efficient process. And there are many reasons to visit San Diego , so reserving the car in advance, taking into account the requirements you need to do so and adding the relevant inclusions to be more comfortable during your trip, they will make you fall in love more. of this city when touring it. As an additional tip, do not forget to check the terms and conditions of the rental contract, to know exactly with which accounts and what you need to add when you get there.