Berlin in four fundamental points

If there is a city in Europe that is gaining importance with each passing day, that is Berlin . Good for its movements in politics and economics, as well as in culture, Berlin is currently shining with its own light. For this reason, we are going to draw the city in four strokes in which we will get to know the capital of Germany .


– It is impossible to talk about Berlin, as well as Germany without reviewing its history. The monuments, the most important places, and the streets are impregnated with the years of conflicts that have been experienced in the country. Thus, the visit to the Berlin Wall , which for a long time separated thousands of people, is not to be missed. In the same way, the Brandenburg Gate is the most important symbol of the reunification of the country. Other points such as Checkpoint Charlie or the Reichstag are also essential stops.


– Going to Berlin is synonymous with visiting a museum or gallery . Why do we say this? Because Berlin has a huge museum collection. In the city we can find 365 museums. In addition to a specially delimited area of ​​the city in which a large part of them are located, known as the Museum Island, a place considered by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. And it is that in Berlin it is impossible not to find a museum that goes with our lifestyle. From the Old Museum to the Beate Uhse Erotic Museum (it is the largest in the world in this sector).



– On the subject of museums, Berlin also stands out in its commitment to offering a wide cultural spectrum. Thanks to this, the city becomes the venue for a large number of events throughout the year and for all tastes. Possibly one of the most famous is the Berlin International Film Festival (La Berlinale), which turns all eyes in the film world on the city. But Berlin is also important in the world of music, since the city’s Philharmonic Orchestra is internationally recognized.


– And of course, leisure life is one of the engines of the city. The bars, discos, theaters are bustling with people in the city. Nothing like enjoying German cuisine while sitting enjoying the rays of the sun. A pleasure like tasting a beer while eating a currywurst with all the sauces, and then a black forest cake. A wonder for the senses.

But Berlin is much more than this, that is why one of the best options to get to know it is by spending a longer season. Currently and due to the economic and work moment we are going through, many people have decided to invest some time to learn German, which serves as their experience abroad, in addition to improving their work. One of the proposals of ESL Idiomas is to combine German studies with a part-time job in order to make the most of your stay.

Nothing like spending a few days in Berlin to get to know Germany.