Typical dishes of Greece

When we travel to a country different from ours, we always like to discover a lot of things about its traditions, customs, culture … it is also clear that we can see different cities or simply enjoy spectacular beaches without doing anything other than resting. Wherever you travel, the local gastronomy is always one of the great attractions, and it is advisable to try it to be able to check the textures and flavors that are all over the world.

One of the countries that is in fashion for travelers lately is Greece , especially for cruise passengers since there are millions of tourists who every year enjoy a cruise through the Greek islands or a visit to any of its cities. That is why today I would like to write about Greek gastronomy and the most interesting flavors and dishes that you will find on your trip.


Greek cuisine has many things in common with that of any other Mediterranean country, especially with that of countries like France or Spain. Agricultural products and seasonings are indispensable in any typical Greek dish, which makes this gastronomy one of the tastiest in the world. It also has many Turkish influences, especially when it comes to flavoring meats.

Typical dishes

Moussaká : it is one of the most famous Greek dishes, so there are several versions. The most famous is the one with minced meat, gratin cheese, bechamel sauce, aubergine and a splash of olive oil.

Melitzanosalata : it also has aubergines, present in many dishes. In this case, it is a very tasty and originates smoked aubergine cream.

Greek salad
Salads : in multiple varieties, they are an essential dish in Greek cuisine, being almost always the first dish to give way to a second with meat or fish.

Marida : it is a dish that is made with different types of fried fish and that is usually accompanied by prawns and squid. Fish dishes are always accompanied by garnishes, be it salad, vegetables or purees.