What to eat in Greece

Greece is one of the European countries that earns the most visitors each year, thanks in part to the numerous cruise ships that visit its islands and which seem to have become fashionable since millions of people travel to that country in this way. Today I would like to write about Greek gastronomy and the most important thing that you can find in it, something that will undoubtedly help you to know what to order when you go to a restaurant.

The Greek lands are perfect for caring for sheep, so you can find numerous ingredients and dishes that are based on this animal, such as lamb ragout , one of the most popular. Fish are the protagonists in the coastal areas and in all the Greek islands , and they are cooked in a very varied way to offer all kinds of dishes to each visitor.

Typical dishes in Greece

Mezze : it is the most famous and is made up of various hors d’oeuvres or starters that are served with ouzo (Greek drink). They are accompanied by various dipping sauces with pita, which is the most famous bread in Greece. In some areas of the country it is accompanied by paximadi, a dry bread that is soaked in water before eating.

Moussaka : a very popular and well-known dish around the world that is a kind of lasagna but is made with aubergines instead of pasta to separate each layer. Apparently, the idea of ​​lasagna came from this dish.

Gyros : it is a meat that is roasted in the oven vertically and served with sauce and with a pita bread with tomato and onion.

Chips : it is a dish of American origin and they are cooked or fried sausages that are accompanied by fried potatoes in strips and that are stewed and then accompanied by different sauces.

As for drinks, wine and beer are very successful, but the most famous places are metaxa and ouzo.