What to eat in India

In India you can find a great variety of landscapes to enjoy your vacations, in addition to delving fully into its customs and traditions. Like any other country, it has its own gastronomy, which in this case is not really spectacular like other places, but it does have very interesting details. Spices are used a lot, which makes almost all their dishes have a very strong flavor.

The star ingredient in Indian cuisine is rice, which is prepared in many ways and which you can also find in different types. Depending on the region of the country you are in, you will find it prepared in different ways. Rice can be the main dish or a side to any dish. Curry is also essential, a sauce that accompanies both meat and fish, vegetables or soup.

Typical dishes and ingredients

Capati : they are loaves made with flour and water that are present in many dishes.

Pulao : one of the most popular rice dishes, which is the one that is cooked with saffron.

Vegetables : along with legumes, they are present in many recipes, especially cauliflower, tomatoes and peas, always seasoned with curry and yogurt.

Pepper soup : it is very popular in the south of the country, where the dishes are spicier. It is made with cooked onions, vendayam herb, curry, saffron, mustard, garlic, tamarind pulp, and peppercorns.

Meat : among the most popular meat dishes are roast lamb tenderloin (with curry or cream) and chicken stuffed with fried rice (also with curry).


Halva : it is the best known, a semolina of rice kneaded with coconut milk and that also contains cinnamon, grapes and almonds. It is fried in melted butter.

Khi : it is a pudding that can be made with rice or carrots and also contains candied walnuts, stuffed plums, caramel preserves, fried sweets and syrup.

Scented cakes : they are made with butter, almonds and coconut pulp. One of the tastiest sweets.


The most typical is milk , which is usually taken natural, curd, boiled or condensed. Lassi is another of the best known drinks, which is a yogurt diluted in water with lemon and sold in street stalls as it is very refreshing. Tea is usually flavored with cardamom or mint, and coffee is made thick and with lots of milk.