Bodie, America’s ghost town

To speak of Bodie is to speak of a town in which no one lives today. In fact, since the Great Depression of the 20th century and the Second World War, things began to change for the worse and its inhabitants had no choice but to pack their bags, since economically they could not be guaranteed an encouraging future.

Another point of interest on the west coast

Bodie is a ghost town located in Mono County, California, on the west coast. To get there, the most common is to make a stop between Yosemite Park and the southern Utah national parks, since you could say that you are passing through.

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From wealth to poverty in a matter of years

For the most veteran, it is a pity that it has become a historic district in which not a soul lives anymore. It went from being a prosperous mining town that did not stop growing to generating too many doubts due to the poverty that took hold of the place. That’s why few people remember that he was born during the California Gold Rush .

There, several veins of gold were discovered and that explains why its inhabitants became rich, reaching a figure that reached 400,000 dollars a month. It went from 20 inhabitants to 10,000 in just 20 years , and that led to the opening of 65 saloons . However, the problems did not take long to arrive and in the 1960s it became a ghost town where you can still see houses and some cars from many years ago.

A protected town

The State of California named it a State Historic Park in 1961, promising that it would be kept in good condition so that anyone could visit it without having the feeling that it is in a 100% abandoned place. Up to 200 structures still stand there and are quite well preserved, such as a school and the village church .

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