Cheap apartments in Paris

Currently it is not the most visited city in the world, but Paris is always in the Top 5 and from there there is no one who moves it. Nor can you move the Eiffel Tower , that 324-meter-high monument that was designed and built by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel.

At the moment, Bangkok is the city that has the privilege of being the most visited in the world. Thailand is one of the trendiest countries for tourism and its capital has greatly benefited from this. However, the charm that Paris has no other city has.

The problem is usually the accommodation . Traveling to the capital of France on what dates can be synonymous with shelling out a large amount of money. And I don’t just mean spending the night there, but life is quite expensive in its streets. Have breakfast, eat, have a drink, buy clothes … In general, you pay much more than in other European countries such as Spain or Italy.

Eiffel Tower
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If you visit the website you will realize that you can choose your apartment based on the district and requesting both the bedrooms and the equipment you need for your stay.