Chocolate in Paris

Surely if you decide to spend a few days in Paris you will go crazy with all the chocolate that you will find around you. Lately the city seems especially attached to everything that has to do with cocoa, we say this, since lately a new generation of chocolate artisans are opening specialized boutiques and bars all over the city.

Pierre Cluizel, son of the master chocolatier Cluizel Michel, recently opened Un Dimanche à Paris . His shop focused on sinful chocolate occupies three numbers on the well-known and historic street, Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In the store, you can buy piece chocolates, block chocolate or baked goods ranging from chocolate cookies to all kinds of sweets you can imagine covered even with soft or dark chocolate .
Another industry guru, Chloe Doutre-Roussel, the author of " The Chocolate Connoisseur, " has opened another store in the Marais. The idea of ​​the store focuses on delving into the mind of the buyer so that in addition to tasting some true wonders, they learn about this delicacy. There are even classes that range from a basic introduction to the world of chocolate to a comprehensive study of international trends.

Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier offers his clients a classy deal. It recently got rid of its boutique on rue Saint-Honoré and replaced it with a completely new venue that does not overlook real works of art, such as the making of the Eiffel Tower in delicious chocolate. You can also find numerous creamy buns in the store that may have ingredients like raspberry and ginger.