Traveling by plane with dogs

Millions of people travel every day with their pets, either to also take them on vacation, because they are going to a family event or because they move to another city. The plane is no longer only the safest means of transport but is currently one of the cheapest, since you have a multitude of offers in several companies and if you buy it in advance you can find real bargains, so if you see a good opportunity, Why not take your dog with you? Keep in mind these little things that you should know if you are going to travel by plane with dogs :

– The regulations are not the same in all countries and companies, so in a specific way, check with your company, although if you travel within Europe they are the same everywhere.

– The dog must be older than three months and have the identification microchip.

– The vet must issue you a special animal passport .

– You must vaccinate him against rabies . In other countries such as the United Kingdom, Malta, Ireland, Sweden or Finland, you also need to be vaccinated against ticks, leptospirosis and distemper.

– Once at the airport they will put the dog in a cage with the corresponding dimensions according to its size. It is recommended that you give it water before putting it in the cage since when they take it away you will not see it until you pick it up at the destination.

– Pets usually travel in the cargo hold with luggage, although it is not always the best place since there have been cases of pets that have died due to lack of oxygen or too much heat. Find out about the conditions before leaving it.

– There is a company that is dedicated solely to the flight of pets, it is called Pet Airways and it takes care that your pet travels in an exclusive plane for them and where they go in the cabin.