Tips to keep in mind before going to the airport

Are you going to travel by plane ? In that case, you should take into account a series of tips that will come in handy to go to the airport with the peace of mind that having everything under control gives you. More than one has had to return home or make an emergency call for not having thought about a series of aspects that are common on all flights.

Do you have the documentation and is it in order?

You will need the DNI, and probably also the passport if you travel to a country that is not in the European Union. That is why you must make sure that you have them located and are in order, because otherwise you will have to make an appointment at the nearest police station to your home to renew them. Such a mistake can land you.

Check-in online

For a good handful of years you can go directly to the checkpoint without having to go through the counter of the company in question. This, without a doubt, saves time that is appreciated, since it allows you to leave home with fewer minutes in advance, especially in months like July and August, which is when airports are busiest.

Online check-in can be done from home. You just have to enter a series of data like the ones you provided in the reservation and print the boarding pass, which comes with a barcode that is the one that must be passed through the reader. In addition, there is also the possibility of having said barcode on the mobile, usually through the application of the airline in question, so even the most confused can breathe a sigh of relief as long as the mobile battery has not run out. , Sure.


Choose the seat you want

At the time of booking the plane ticket you can choose the seat you want, sometimes for free and other times paying an extra. This is so because many companies are aware that traveling in front is not the same as traveling behind (in front you notice less the effects of take-off and landing). In addition, people who are afraid of flying prefer to be near the emergency exit , while people in a hurry prioritize being near the exit doors to rush out as soon as the plane lands.

Do not check any suitcase … if you can

Hand luggage is what will allow you to travel without spending a single euro for what you take on a trip. If you are going to check in, know that you normally have to pay between 20 and 60 euros per suitcase depending on the company, which does not always include a free suitcase in the price of the ticket (especially if they are short trips or low cost companies). Take as little as possible with you, and if you have to check in a suitcase, do it in advance, since doing it online is usually much cheaper than doing it at the same airport.

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