Do the Camino de Santiago with peace of mind

Carrying out the Camino de Santiago is a tradition that has been going on for years. It usually tends to be done under the pressure of time limits that can become quite overwhelming for walkers. We must not forget that it is the most famous route for pilgrims who come from Spain and from all over Europe, to venerate the Apostle Santiago. That is why it is not necessary to finish it stressed and with a bad memory.

Today many pilgrims , from all over the world, continue with this tradition by taking the route out of devotion while others decide to do it out of personal improvement. There are 7 routes on the road: the French road, the English road, the coastal road, the Portuguese road, the primitive road, the silver road and the sea route.

We will choose a starting place and the stages that we want to do. The pilgrims usually make the roads in stages . By making the paths in stages, it can be abandoned in a period of time and resumed from the point where it was left and thus continue. This can be quite relaxing and not turn this adventure into a true martyrdom.

For example: many decide to do a 100-kilometer stage one year and the following year to do another 100. The ways of doing the Camino can be on foot, on horseback or by bicycle. We will find the paths adapted to the environment in which we move. It is important to bear in mind that it is best to make the trips in the morning. There are hostels for pilgrims and the sooner we reach the destination, the sooner they will welcome us and the sooner we can regain our strength .