Christmas getaways in Spain

3 weeks and we will already be singing Christmas carols and hitting those feasts that we only hit at Christmas . Although they have always been parties to spend with the family, it seems that lately it has become fashionable to take a little trip on those dates to be able to enjoy the days off in a different way. In addition, with that you can also discover how these festivals are lived in other cities, thus learning about other Christmas traditions.

Today I would like to recommend small corners of our country where you can enjoy a fantastic vacation and also experience Christmas in a different way. Take note:

Cangas de Onís

This Asturian municipality is one of the most beautiful in our country, and if you are lucky you can find snow during your holidays. It is close to the lakes of Covadonga and the Picos de Europa National Park, a spectacular natural setting that is worth visiting at any time of the year, whether it is sunny or snowy, it is always beautiful.

Cross port

This town in the north of the island of Tenerife is charming and has many places of interest. Being in the north it is likely that you do not enjoy beach time, something that you can find in the southern part of the island, but it has other things that make up for it, so it is a good option. Visiting Mount Teide, which usually has a snowy peak at that time, is one of the essential activities that you should do on your trip.


This Alicante city is one of the best known when Christmas arrives, especially thanks to its nougats , which are very famous. In fact, there is a museum that is solely dedicated to nougat. A place where you also have many places of interest to discover, and also a mountainous area to get close to and enjoy the beauty if it is snowed.