Curiosities about Hamburg

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Hamburg is also the second largest city in Germany (after Berlin), with 1.8 million people residing there. Most people who visit Germany only end up visiting cities like Berlin , Munich, Frankfurt, etc., and they don’t realize that many of the fascinating things in the country are in Hamburg.

The city of Hamburg has a unique mix of historical monuments and trendy bars and clubs. For those who love the water (boats and ports), Hamburg is the perfect place to visit. The efforts the city has made over the years to stay “green” are commendable. Throughout the city, one can find beautiful parks , in which to enjoy the beautiful plants that adorn them.
People who live in Hamburg love taking long walks and walks along the riverside. What fun facts do you know about Hamburg? With an area of 755 square kilometers, it is seven times the size of Paris and twice that of London. The living space per person in Hamburg averages 30 square meters.

More than 13,000 vessels can enter the port of Hamburg, located on the Elbe river. With an area of ​​74 square kilometers, the port of Hamburg becomes the largest in Germany. A large number of rivers and canals are found in the area, which is why Hamburg has been dubbed the “City of rivers”. Small canals can be found throughout the city.