Tips for traveling to Hamburg

Europe is a fantastic continent to be able to visit a lot of cities and countries in a very short time, thus being able to discover very interesting places or just resting in each city. Tourism for all tastes and with spectacular cities that are worth visiting whatever the type of tourism you like.

One of these cities is Hamburg , the second largest city in Germany and one of the places where you can find more international students. Thus, it is also a place where you will find a lot of history and very attractive, especially if you are young. Here are a few tips for traveling to Hamburg so that you can take everything ready. Take note:

– The best way to mix with those who live there is to visit the parks and gardens during the day or in the pubs and cafes at night. It is a very committed and respectful city with the environment so do not do anything that could harm it and always use bins and other items that you see at your disposal for environmental protection.

– In winter it is usually very cold and it rains but in spring they are already good and the vegetation of the city, which is a lot, begins to get beautiful. At the beginning of summer is when you can see in better condition all the parks, gardens and green areas of the city.

– The high season in this city runs from May to October , so outside of those dates is when you will find the best deals on flights, hotels, excursions, etc. The cheapest time is from January to March, it is cold but it is when you will find everything cheaper. It also compensates since you will see many snowy and icy areas and that makes very beautiful landscapes.

– Between the months of May and August a lot of festivals are held throughout the city with a lot of themes, so always check the program of events since it is highly recommended to stop by one even if its theme does not appeal to you much.