Dream destinations to escape the world

It will soon be a year since the pandemic. A period in which there have been – and we continue to live – restrictions on mobility. It is a situation in which many people begin to think about the trips they will make when they return to normal or, at least, greater mobility is allowed. And let your imagination fly, here are some dream destinations to get lost and hide from around the world.

The destinations

One of the first destinations is the Maldives Islands , which are ideal for an unforgettable stay in the Indian Ocean with dream beaches. I mean, it’s like being in paradise. In fact, if you want to disconnect and do nothing or almost nothing, you don’t even need to leave the resort hotels.

Another good option is the Azores and, specifically, the Island of San Miguel , which is the largest in this archipelago. This island is known for its volcanic landscape, which does not prevent it from having a rich flora and fauna.

There is also a wide variety of marine life such as whales, which can be observed. They are attractive to which are added its fumaroles and hot springs or the twin crater lakes, which attract attention because one is green and the other is blue.

Another paradise, although different, is Tanzania with its landscape and its fauna in which zebras and wildebeest predominate, being able on many occasions to see how their young are born or the movements that the animals make to look for food and water. Some attractions that are experienced and enjoyed aboard 4 × 4 cars and sleeping in the tented camps.

And, going back to beach destinations, you cannot miss Punta Cana . For many years it has been a favorite for couples and honeymooners, but it is also a good option for single people or group trips in order to rest in another environment that is practically paradisiacal.