040, the hiking route with the highest unevenness in Spain

Spain is a good country for hiking through the many routes that there are, each one of them having its own attractions. One reason why Route 040 stands out, which is considered the one with the greatest unevenness , in orographic terms in Spain, since through it it is possible to go from sea level to the top of the mountain in Tenerife . A highly attractive route for which it is convenient to be trained because it is a 56-kilometer walk. It is better to go prepared with good shoes, water and sunscreen.

The route

Route 040 goes from Playa del Socorro to Teide , overcoming a drop of almost 4,000 meters of altitude, which you then have to go down. The attraction of this hiking route lies not only in its landscapes and making the journey, but also in the areas that are covered.

The trail is not to be feared . Although it has those 56 kilometers of route between the ascent and the descent, the truth is that it is prepared so that everyone can do some sections .

It is important to prepare the ascent before going because there are areas for which a permit is required, such as to ascend from La Rambleta to enter trail number 10 Teslesforo Bravo and crown the peak.

Other possibilities

For example, Playa del Socorro is one of the island’s main centers for surfing , while Teide National Park offers endless possibilities for walking, cycling or horseback riding, among other possibilities.

Among them, all the vegetation that houses the most complete sample in the supra-Mediterranean area stands out , apart from being able to see very spectacular manifestations of volcanism and areas very rich in fauna and flora.

In addition, this national park has many other attractions , which have made it a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 2007. It also has the European Diploma, awarded by the Council of Europe, and is within the Natural Network 2000 Places.