Route to know the best castles in Spain

Spain is a country that offers multiple possibilities for tourism. The truth is that there are endless options to explore its geography. From beach, mountain, cultural, gastronomic, architectural destinations … and why not also take a route through those castles that are the most beautiful or are considered the best in the country by various publications and experts. To get to know them, here we make a proposal with several destinations to go back to times of yore and enjoy all the architecture, art and history.


Inside Segovia, the visit takes us to the Alcázar of Segovia , which is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This building is one of the most distinctive palace-castles in all of Spain and Europe. And reasons are not lacking.

Located at the top of the city and elevated on the rock, it is at the confluence of the Eresma and Clamores valleys . An enclave from which he seems to protect the entire city. In it, we must observe the Torre del Homenaje , which is usually compared to the prow of a ship sailing between the rivers.

A very interesting visit is also the Hall of Ajimeces , which houses a collection of works of art , as well as the Hall of the Kings and the Hall of the Throne.



The Alhambra in Granada is the next stop on this route as it is a monumental historical complex of great value , being one of the most spectacular sites in Spain and, consequently, also one of the most visited.

In addition to its beauty, it is worth knowing its history from its conception between the 9th and 12th centuries as a military zone , passing through a Nasrid palace, a medina and a Christian court after the reconquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs.

Among its main attractions are the Alcazaba, the Royal Palaces, the Generalife Gardens, the Golden Room, the Comares Room, the Patio de Leones and the Renaissance palace of Carlos V.


The Castle of Peñíscola is another of the best known in Spain. Located in this town of Castellón, it was built by the Templars on the remains of the old Arab fortress .

Although it is a fairly sober construction, the carved stone walls and barrel vaults that are present in most of the rooms are striking. Your visit also allows you to walk the streets of the historic town, since it is located in the upper area.


Within the route through Spain we cannot forget the Bellver Castle . It is perhaps one of the most attractive and striking for being located on a hill from which spectacular views are seen . However, seeing the castle from below is also a wonderful image.

This castle was ordered to be built by King Jaime II as a royal residence, although in the 19th century it became a coin factory. Among the elements to look at is its Gothic style and its circular structure , as well as the three towers and the keep, which is divided into four floors.

Inside the castle, do not miss the parade of two floors, which also has a circular shape, and the courtyard built over a cistern.


And, this time, we finish the route at the Castle of Belmonte , although there are others in Spain that would well deserve to be included in this route and which we will talk about in later information.

This castle, built on the mount of San Cristóbal , was commissioned by Juan Pacheco, Marqués de Villena. Its Gothic-Mudejar style and its six-pointed star shape stand out, with a cylindrical tower located in each of them.