Wine tourism: 10 destinations for a weekend

wine tourism
With COVID-19, mobility is once again being reduced and making trips difficult. However, there are areas where it is possible to travel or move from one autonomy to another. They are short routes that allow you to make short visits to a city, town, town … or also enjoy something characteristic of a specific area . And why not take the opportunity to enjoy the destination from a different point of view such as wine . For fans or lovers of winemaking, there are wine tourism destinations that are a good choice for this time of year.

Retuerta LeDomaine Abbey

A good destination for wine tourism is the Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine , in Valladolid, which allows you to spend a day in the fields at harvest time to find out what the grape harvesting process is like.

In addition, you can make an enogastronomic visit to the new Calicata Terroir Bar , which has an outdoor terrace. In it, tastings of a wide range of wines are offered, which are paired with a menu in which the local products of the area are the main protagonists.

And, if you are also fond of mycology , this destination is equally suitable because there are also activities in this field. For example, there are the guided tours of the farm for the collection of mushrooms and the walks to discover the great variety of mushrooms that are in this area.

wine tourism

Vivanco Winery

Another good wine tourism destination is Vivango Bodega , in La Rioja , with experiences around the winery and the museum with which the visitor delves into the culture of wine. In addition, this museum center is considered the best in the world in its category by UNESCO .

It is not the only recognition it has. It was also the first establishment in this autonomy to receive the Safe Tourism Certified Quality Seal , which is awarded by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality.

Likewise, it is included in the W orld’s Best Vineyards classification , which distinguishes the 50 best wineries in the world, especially in relation to the oenological experience.