The most beautiful castles in Belgium

Europe is a land of castles , but within the so-called "old continent" there are countries that have more buildings than others. And one of them is Belgium . And here we are going to make a stop to see the most beautiful ones that, at least, are recommended to visit to see them in all their splendor. The proposals are very varied: from those reminiscent of stories and fables to authentic military-style buildings. All this is accompanied by numerous attractions in its interior and garden areas to be in a true paradise.

The castles

The first stop in Belgium, we are going to make it at the Castle of Modave , which is very striking because it is located on a 60-meter rock in the Hoyoux river valley, very close to Huy.

This castle is an authentic fortress with great views to enjoy with its more than 450 landscaped hectares. Its structure does not detract either. It is a building from the Middle Ages, although it had to be rebuilt in the 17th century and some adaptations were made to make it more like a country house. Inside, not to be missed is a water wheel, believed to have been made by Renkin Sualem and believed to have been used to build Marly’s machine.

The route also takes us to the Castle of Val Saint Lambert , in Seraing – near Liège-, which began as an abbey. This fortification, which has a history of 1,000 years, houses a glassware museum that is one of its main attractions.

The exhibitions that can be seen inside include a sample of 250 pieces of glass, as well as a tour of five glazed and illuminated sculptures. And, apart from all this glass-enclosed spectacle, you shouldn’t leave the castle without visiting its conditioned caves, which are somewhat strange or eccentric.

On the tour of Belgium we also make a stop at Reinhardstein Castle , which still maintains items of great interest such as armor, tapestries, paintings and chests. A must see is the Hall of the Knights, which is really impressive.

Of course, as in any castle, you cannot stop seeing its surroundings. In this case, they are steep, but they are suitable for all those who like trekking. Of course, you need a medium level because there are areas that are a bit complicated. In addition, there are also nearby areas where archery is practiced.

Beloeil Castle is one of the most beautiful in all of Belgium and also in the world. In fact, it is popularly called the Belgian Versailles. Among its main attractions is the collection of original artistic objects that date back several centuries, covering a wide period that goes from the 15th to the 19th.

Great interest is also generated by the walls of the library, which house more than 20,000 books, including very old copies – from the first to be made with the printing press – to more contemporary works.

In this case, the garden is well worth a walk. French in style, it has a pond. In total, there are 25 hectares of green that, it is even possible to travel with a little train to see this place with magnificent views.

And, finally, the tour ends at the Castle of Vêves , which is reminiscent of the typical castles of children’s stories, including its pointed towers, although its architecture is military. It is a memory that is encouraged because children can dress up as princesses or knights to live their own story.

Inside, however, the atmosphere totally changes. In this case, all visitors live in a refined atmosphere with 18th century furniture in which the original porcelains and multiple paintings stand out.