You no longer need 80 days to go around the world

While traveling is something we all like , there are those who take this passion one step further. Most of us are content to visit the country that attracts our attention, but others do not have enough of that and set much more ambitious objectives, such as going around the world.

Jules Verne’s famous novel established it as a challenge to be able to do it in 80 days, but it has rained a lot since then. Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to go around the world in current times?

As is logical, with the current means of transport, we could achieve it in a much shorter time, but you may be curious to know how much.

Well, the betting house Betway was in charge of quantifying it in a study in which several options were offered. Make different routes and use different means of transport. The result of such a curious investigation is the following.

Around the world by plane

If you decided on the plane as a means of transport, your trip around the world would be much faster than the original in the novel. Specifically, on the proposed route, the time taken to cover the objective would be only 3.3 days, and would entail a route of 44,720 km.

Around the world by boat

If the plane is the fastest means of transport, the ship is the slowest. Those who choose this way would have to take the trip very calmly and learn to enjoy moments such as sunsets from the deck. Specifically, they would have time to enjoy 71 of them , because the boat trip around the world involves 71.5 days and a total of 45,727 km.

Around the world by train

Another option for those who are not in a hurry. Going around the world by train, according to this study, would take 30.6 days and travel just over 57,000 km. As is logical, being a land means, this means of transport could not be used in all cases, but saving the occasions in which it would be necessary to move between continents by air or sea, this would be the time taken.

Around the world by car

Road trip lovers would spend about 23 and a half days going around the world, and in that time they would travel about 51,000 km in their vehicle. As with the train, they would be forced to take alternative means of transport on occasions .

If you take account of what 3’3 days suppose, which is the time it takes to go around the world in the fastest way, you will realize a very curious fact. While a century and a half ago a trip around the world required 80 days, today it can be done in 80 hours .

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