Essential visits in Paris

Are you planning a getaway to a European capital? Paris , without a doubt, is a great option, as it offers a lot of interesting places to visit: museums, parks, emblematic buildings, charming neighborhoods…. Of course, before leaving for the capital of love you should be clear about what you want to see, since it has so many attractions that you may not have time to know everything.

To make it easier for you, today at Vuela Viajes we are going to tell you about the essential visits that you should make if you visit the French capital. If you plan to travel to Paris, we recommend that you do not miss anything that follows.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower
How could it be otherwise, the first visit that we are going to recommend is to the Eiffel Tower, the icon par excellence of Paris. Designed by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World’s Fair, it was initially hated by artists of the time. However, it soon became the most visited monument in the French capital, with more than 7 million visitors a year. We recommend that you buy tickets in advance, if possible through the Internet, to avoid last minute surprises. Also, you won’t be able to miss the illuminated tower at night. It is a truly magical show.


Another place you should visit is Montmartre, the Parisian painters’ quarter. Home to artists such as Dalí, Monet or Picasso, it continues to preserve that bohemian touch that makes it so special. Strolling through its small and steep alleys, you will find places of interest such as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Place du Teatre and old and well-known cabarets, such as the famous Moulin Rouge.

Notre Dame Cathedral and other churches

Notre Dame
In Paris you will find a lot of religious buildings that are worth visiting, although we do have to highlight one this is the Notre Dame Cathedral, an impressive Gothic temple located to the east of Île de la Cité. We also recommend that you visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sacré Coeur) and the Sainte Chapelle.

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles
Another essential visit in Paris is the Palace of Versailles, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO . Its importance lies in its impressive architecture, its beautiful and manicured gardens and its relevance in the history of France. You will be able to visit a lot of rooms full of works of art and more than 800 hectares of gardens where you will find all kinds of plants and trees and a large number of statues, ponds and fountains.

Elysian Fields

Elysian Fields
If you have the opportunity to travel to Paris, you will not be able to miss the Champs Elysees, one of the most famous avenues in the world. This is in charge of communicating the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde, two places that you will also have to see if you are in the capital of France.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum
Of course, we recommend a visit to the Louvre Museum. Although you will only be able to see a small part of the works that are preserved there (always depending on the time you have available), it is the best opportunity to know some of the most important works in the History of Art. The famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci stands out above the rest: the Mona Lisa. What we recommend is that you do not try to see everything, since it is practically impossible. In addition, art lovers will not be able to miss the Musée d’Ors and the Pampidou Center.

Other places of interest

Shakespeare and Company
If you still have time to spare, we recommend that you do not miss other places of interest such as the Latin Quarter, the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, the Père-Lachaise Cemetery, the Royal Palace of Paris, the Pantheon, the National Palace of the Invalides, the Catacombs of Paris and the different bridges of the capital.