Essential visits in San Sebastián

Saint Sebastian
Are you already planning the getaways that you are going to do this autumn-winter? Well, we recommend that you pay close attention to what we are telling you today! And it is that next we are going to talk to you about one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. We are referring to San Sebastián , Donostia in Basque, where you can enjoy beautiful white sand beaches, beautiful buildings and excellent cuisine.

Throughout history, San Sebastián has attracted tourists in search of sun and sophistication. Even the regent queen María Cristina established her residence in this Basque city during the summer. Today, its glamorous past can still be appreciated. Have we convinced you that traveling to Donostia is an excellent idea? Well, discover which are the places that you should visit yes or yes!

La Concha Beach

How could it be otherwise, we are going to start talking about Playa de la Concha, which is located in Bahía de la Concha. As you know, it is one of the most famous urban beaches in Spain. Of course, there are many other beaches in San Sebastián that are worth it.

Old part

Old Town
Of course, if you have the opportunity to visit San Sebastián, you should discover the Old Town, which is located at the foot of Mount Urgull, between the port and the mouth of the Urumea river. In its streets you will find numerous shops, restaurants and tapas bars. In addition, here are the most important religious temples, the San Telmo Museum and the Plaza de la Constitución.

Romantic Area

South of Casco Viejo is known as the Romantic Area, a neighborhood full of beautiful 19th century buildings , shops, bars and restaurants. It is worth discovering the Plaza de Guipúzcoa, the Buen Pastor Cathedral, the Victoria Eugenia Theater and the Town Hall.

Mount Urgull

We continue our tour of Donostia talking to you about Monte Urgull, a mountain located between the Old Town and the Paseo Nuevo . In this place you will find the old Castillo de la Mota and you can enjoy beautiful views. Before going up, we recommend you walk the Paseo Nuevo.

Monte Igueldo

Of course, we also want to talk about Monte Igueldo, which offers wonderful views of the Bahía de la Concha. Although you can go up in private transport, we recommend doing it on the funicular , the oldest in the Basque Country, which takes you to the amusement park.

Miramar Palace

miramar palace
One of the most emblematic buildings in San Sebastián is the Municipal Palace of Miramar, also called the Miramar Palace or Royal Palace. It is an English-style building that was built in 1893 on behalf of the Spanish Royal House .

San Telmo Museum

The San Telmo Museum, the oldest in Euskadi, could not be missing from this list. Located in the Old Town, its objective is to show the visitor a deep vision of current Basque society based on more than 26,000 archaeological, historical, ethnographic, photographic and artistic elements.

city ​​Hall

city ​​Hall
In the Romantic Area we find the Town Hall, which is located in the old Casino, next to the Bahía de la Concha. Surrounded by the Alderdi Eder gardens , it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Victoria Eugenia Theater

Another building that could not be missing from this list is the Victoria Eugenia Theater, which is located in the most central area of ​​the city. Inaugurated in 1912, it has witnessed the main cultural events of San Sebastián.

Comb of the Wind

Finally, we want to talk about the Peine del Viento, a group of sculptures by Eduardo Chillida that can be found at the end of Ondarreta beach.

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