European cities with the most COVID-19 cases

The pandemic has introduced changes when it comes to traveling . Many people are choosing destinations that are free of coronavirus or that have a lower incidence of COVID-19. A choice that is not easy because outbreaks are appearing in different countries and cities , in addition to introducing more measures or new guidelines for travel as has happened with the United Kingdom with the quarantine, catching many travelers unexpectedly. Added to this are the changes that occur in the data on outbreaks and affected cases, which vary from one day to the next. In any case, although it is difficult, as a guide , it can be said that there are cities and countries that are now being more affected by the pandemic in Europe .

Those who worry the most

Spain , France and the United Kingdom are the countries in which concerns about outbreaks are being concentrated within Europe, there are localities within them that are registering data of infected that are growing and that are even higher than those of the beginning of the pandemic.

Spain is one of the countries in which there is more concern about the situation in various localities. For example, there is the case of Arag贸n , which is one of the autonomous regions with the most affected declared, concentrating in Zaragoza capital most of the cases of new infected. According to official statistics, last Friday a total of 441 cases were declared, of which 363 were in Zaragoza. In addition, there is also a greater increase in cases in the towns closest to Catalonia.

Catalonia is precisely another of the main sources of concern in Spain. Cities like Barcelona have outbreaks, as well as Segri脿 , in L茅rida, and Figueras , in Gerona, are the main sources that are causing concern.

In other areas of Spain, such as Murcia, there is also a lot of concern and it is not ruled out having to confine specific localities such as Lorca, Mazarr贸n and the city of Murcia. In this community, Totana is confined.

In addition to these areas of Spain – they are not the only ones – France is another of the countries in which the number of cases is increasing in recent weeks. In addition, more than 200 possible outbreaks have been detected in the Gallic country.

The United Kingdom also joins this list. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country was one of the most affected with cases of coronavirus, also being the one that has registered the most deaths from COVID-19 in Europe. Among the most important outbreaks is that of the town of Leicester .

Other European destinations

Portugal has around 200 active coronavirus outbreaks, which are mainly concentrated in the Lisbon region and the Tagus Valley , which has led to restrictions in these areas.

The rebound in cases has also reached Romania , where 1,112 new COVID-19 infections were reported last Thursday in 24 hours. Above all, the focus is on the most touristic places on the Romanian coastline.

Germany is another of the countries that is in full swing due to outbreaks, although it is believed that the main and most serious focus is related to the activity in a slaughterhouse in which around 1,800 infections have been registered.

And other countries like Italy are still not free from COVID-19. Recently, a new outbreak has been detected in Molise . Bologna is also affected, although it has been indicated that the outbreak is in a nursing home. Capri and Roma have cases, tourists and the Bengali community where infected have been detected to know the contact and the possible affection.

Sweden is another of the countries in which the number of new infections is growing, as well as in Poland where outbreaks have been detected in Silesia and in Lesser Poland. In any case, in Belgium , the Netherlands , Greece , Austria and the Czech Republic the number of infected is growing, although it has not been determined that they are outbreaks.