European beaches that you can go to this summer

Today we are going to continue talking about beach destinations . In addition to the proposals within Spain for those who do not want to leave the country, there are other options in Europe that are also interesting. The key is that they are located in countries that are already open to tourism or will do so soon and that have had a low incidence of Covid-19 . Another point in their favor is that they are quite extensive beaches in surface so it will be easy to avoid the crowds.


Greece is each year one of the countries most chosen by tourists And, this year, it may repeat and even surpass its position in the ranking because it has a few more than interesting beaches .

One of them is located in La Preveza . It is the Monolithi beach , which is 22 kilometers long and about 80 meters wide. Next to it, in this country, another good option is the Halikounas beach , in Corfu , which has a length of three kilometers. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful.


And, in Portugal, we also find several options. One of them is Comporta , which is close to the capital Lisbon . It is one of the largest in Europe with a length of 20 kilometers long. And that’s not all. As a matter of interest, it is convenient to know that this area is one of the least affected by COVID-19 in Europe.

Porto Santo beach, in this case in Madeira , is another good option. It is a destination that also proposes a somewhat different summer due to its warm sands and the possibility of receiving seawater and warm sand treatments in the spa, which are quite relaxing.

Within Portugal, but already towards the southern part of the country, is the Algarve where Meia Praia is located, which is its largest beach. This area is one of the least affected in Europe by the coronavirus. An option to enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of the country in terms of beach.


Returning to the Mediterranean Sea , apart from the destinations in Greece, we find other proposals in Malta. Specifically, Ghajn Tuffieha beach, which is one of the easiest to respect security measures. However, Malta is one of the countries least affected by COVID-19, so other points could also be chosen.


The option to go to the beach can also be found in other countries that, initially, are not exactly chosen for the sun and the sea. This is the case of Lithuania, although it also offers possibilities in this direction. Specifically, a good alternative is to Nida Beach , which has more than 100 kilometers of fine sand and dunes between the Baltic Sea and those of the Curonian Lagoon.


And it is even less common to go to the beach in Poland as a tourist destination for foreigners. The alternative passes through the Hel Peninsula , where there is a beach 35 kilometers long and up to three kilometers wide. And also with fine sand.


And we close the list of proposals with Germany. A country that is not usually very chosen by the Spanish as a beach destination, but that also offers interesting options. One of them is Binz Beach , on the island of Rügen , where you can enjoy a five-kilometer -long beach, one of the longest in the country. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful, thanks to the nature that surrounds it, being also a destination 10 for those who like to be in the natural environment.