What to bring to a family summer camp

Summer Camp
With the arrival of summer and the step towards a new normal , this summer the way of booking family vacations has changed compared to previous years. Many families think of rural tourism, of open-air tourism in places where there are no crowds of people. One of the most sought after alternatives are the summer campsites where you can be in contact with nature and enjoy a few days of sun and rest.

Essential to enjoy a summer camp with the family

Now is the time to start thinking about what things are necessary to have a good vacation without having to worry about what was necessary to spend a peaceful vacation later.

The first thing is to choose a good light backpack in which to put the essentials for the different routes that can be done on family vacations.

Second, in the suitcase it is necessary to put comfortable clothes, suitable clothing for the environment in which the camp is located. Garments that serve all day and are resistant. Among the basic clothes, opt for shorts, for the day, when the temperatures are higher and longer, for the nights, when the temperature drops.

As for the toiletries, everything you need for personal hygiene and flip flops and comfortable shoes.

Sunscreen is a must for summer camps , as is insect repellent. The areas in which they are located are usually in the middle of nature, so the proliferation of insects and small animals is quite common, especially mosquitoes. During the day, and with high temperatures, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun and the damaging effects it generates on the skin with prolonged exposure. High factor protection is recommended.

Another essential thing to spend a family vacation in a summer camp is to carry a good flashlight for possible excursions through the countryside, since from some enclaves you can appreciate the stars and other views of nature very well.

As for documents that should not be missing, there are the documentation of all family members , medical insurance for possible setbacks and in that sense, getting a first-aid kit with the necessary ones for scratches, bites, cuts … is the key to being able to be prepared on occasions when it may be needed.

Because spending family vacations in a summer camp is a very adventurous alternative and being in contact with nature is something that the little ones enjoy to the fullest while learning. This summer will be different and opting for natural environments will allow families to recover all the time they have spent at home.