Sailing by boat: can it be due to COVID-19?

boat trips
One of the options for spending the summer is sailing with your own boat . And, although there are many people who choose these holidays each year, now it is becoming an alternative that more people consider to avoid contagion and in fear of COVID-19 . But, can you really travel on your own or rented boat? Here we are going to give the keys.

The regulatory framework

On June 1, the regulations related to phases II and III of the de-escalation were published in the Official State Gazette (BOE). In both cases, a series of actions are allowed, although care must be taken of the area in which you are going to navigate because not all territories are in the same de-escalation stage .

Phase ii

In this phase, recreational navigation is allowed to people who are in the same province, island or autonomous city where the boat is moored . This includes all nautical activities.

However, occupancy on board is limited. It reaches up to 75% of the people authorized in the boat’s certificates. But here there are exceptions such as those cases in which they are people who agree to the same address. In this case, 100% occupancy can be achieved. However, there cannot be more than ten people on board the boat.

boat trips
Jet skis can also be used. In this case, by one person. Again, there are exceptions for those who live at the same address , although the number of places authorized by the manufacturer of the jet ski may not be exceeded.

Recreational nautical artifacts are also allowed for people who live in the same province, island or autonomous city where the rental company is located. The limitations on the number of people are the same as in boats and jet skis.

Phase III

In this phase, all recreational nautical activities are allowed. The only limitations are those that govern in general, but provided that preventive health measures are adopted.