Santiago de Compostela: the most emblematic places that you cannot miss

Santiago de Compostela is one of the cities that receives the most visitors each year. And they do not only arrive after having completed the Camino de Santiago or a part of this route. They also choose this capital to know its monuments and all its history. And it is a place that has a lot of tradition and a lot to know, beyond its cathedral, which, of course, is recommended to visit because it is a great architectural and artistic work. And what else can you see ? Take good note of these proposals.

Recommended visits

The tour of Santiago de Compostela takes us wandering through its streets and squares of the historic center where the atmosphere of yesteryear is still lived and perceived, which continues to permeate its streets.

The Plaza do Obradoiro is one of the best known and must be visited because there are buildings of great beauty surrounding the cathedral. For example, you have to look at the Romanesque pazo de Xelm铆rez , the San Xerome school that houses the university rectorship, and the Raxoi palace where the Town Hall is located.

The route must also lead to the Hostal dos Reis Cat贸licos , which has been converted into a Parador de turismo, and where the tradition of helping arriving pilgrims is maintained. In fact, breakfast is still served every day, as well as dinners and lunches. Obviously, you have to prove that you are a pilgrim by showing the Compostela.

The tour also has to take all visitors to Santiago to its cathedral . In addition to all the Romanesque art that it has, one of its main attractions is the 12.00 p.m. mass, which is known as the pilgrim’s mass, in which the botafumeiro usually works, which was donated by King Louis XI of France in 1554.

It is also well worth visiting the parks and gardens with spectacular views of the monumental area such as San Domingos de Bonaval and the Alameda, where there are also interesting museums. The entire tour is completed with the Food Market .


In Santiago de Compostela, there is also other more modern architecture. For example, there is the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, which is the work of Peter Eisenman . Its fa莽ade is almost 43 meters high and has a surface area of 鈥嬧媘ore than 16,000 square meters.