European resorts for night skiing

Night ski
Have you ever skied at night ? For lovers of this winter sport it is, without a doubt, a unique experience. Of course, it is important to keep warm, since temperatures drop considerably when the sun goes down.

Although it has been a few years since this type of skiing landed in Europe, its practice has been spreading little by little, especially in recent seasons. In Europe there are about 1,300 artificially lit runways spread over a dozen countries. We talk about some of the best ones below. Can you come with us?

Masella, in Spain

The Masella resort, in the Catalan Pyrenees, has made its debut this season in night skiing, offering the largest ski area at night in the Pyrenees: 10 kilometers, 104 lampposts, 204 lights, 12 slopes and a snowpark . Of course, the evening offer is completed with gastronomy, music and drinks.


Hafjell Alpine Centrem in Norway

In Norway and Finland, 100% of the resorts offer the possibility of skiing at night. One of the best is Hafhell in Lilliehammer, which has 7 kilometers of illuminated slopes that delight skiers.

Lenzerheide, in Switzerland

Now we move to Switzerland to visit Lenzerheide station, which also allows you to enjoy the snow when the sun goes down. It offers about 3.5 kilometers of illuminated slopes for skiing and snowboarding under the stars , and almost 4 more kilometers of descent, to have a great time on a sled. In addition, it offers excursions under the light of the full moon or exclusive dinners at almost 3,000 meters above sea level.


SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental, in Austria

Finally, we are going to talk about the largest interconnected ski area in Austria. We refer to SkiWelt, which has almost 280 kilometers of slopes and 90 lifts. Those seeking the thrills of night skiing will be able to enjoy a total of 13 kilometers of illuminated slopes in Söll here . In addition, they have 11 illuminated kilometers of toboggan runs.