Family camping with Kia and Crazy Haacks

We love family trips, and that is why we cannot miss the opportunity to highlight what Kia has done so that we know its Kia Sportage .

It is a series of videos in which they have joined YouTube families such as the Crazyhaacks or Trillizos0201, with the survival expert Wolf Nómada.

Adventure and fun are guaranteed

All together they get into the Kia car, and taking advantage of its large trunk, its technological advances and the safety of its driving, they head to the mountains. There, Nomad Wolf explains various survival tricks to the youtubers such as lighting a fire, building a shelter against the rain, or obtaining light from a simple can of sardines.

All this leads us to reflect on all the advantages of going camping as a family, which are not few. To begin with, the love of nature flourishes in the little ones. There they feel free, there are fewer rules, and everything is new and exciting. In the mountains there are always tasks for everyone, with which the children begin to take responsibility, and they feel useful.

This relaxed environment encourages more positive parent-child interaction. It is a good day to give them a little more freedom (always with supervision, to avoid any incident) and dedicate ourselves solely to enjoying them.

Good times that the little ones will never forget. Imagine what it means for them to put into action one of the survival tricks of the Kia videos. Getting light out of a can of sardines is a moment together with your parents they will never forget!

Take a look at the videos : you are going to learn some tricks, get to know the Kia Sportage and surely they will make you want to make your next family trip by car, heading to the mountains.