Gastronomy in the United States

In the last few days I have told you several things about traveling to the United States with some of the most interesting cities and what you can do in each of them. Today I would like to focus on North American gastronomy and all that it can offer, which varies in each State as well as here in each Community, but still there are many common guidelines.

Take note of the characteristics of the gastronomy of the United States :

– It is clear that what is most known about this issue is that fast food sweeps any of its cities and is the one that citizens prefer, who are always in a hurry and who do not have much time to reconcile work and food life. Thus, fast food restaurants and stalls at street level with dogs or hamburgers are the most requested.

– The American breakfast is striking as it is very abundant. In it you can find eggs with bacon, juice, toast, coffee and fruit. Nowadays “brunch” is very fashionable on weekends, which is a mixture of breakfast and lunch (its name comes from Breakfast and Lunch) and which is taken at mid-morning so as not to have lunch afterwards. In it, in addition to the classic breakfast you can add pancakes, waffles and a lot of other things.

– At lunch they do not usually stop much and they usually eat a salad, a hamburger , a puppy, a sandwich or anything else that does not require a lot of time either to prepare or eat it.

– Dinner is what they take most seriously and tend to be quite copious, unlike here that it has always been said that it is not good to dine in abundance, of course, dinner is usually there at 6 or 7 in the afternoon. Dinners usually consist of salad or pasta first, meat or fish second and always something sweet for dessert.

– Thanks to the large number of cultures that you find throughout the country, the nutritional diversity is also very wide, so you can find Italian , Greek, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indian, German, Japanese, Russian restaurants … and so on with almost every country.

– As for the most typical foods, they love a barbecue and you will find many restaurants that offer them (grills) and many houses with gardens that make one every weekend. For almost any celebration, barbecue.