Gastronomy of Caracas

We have already spoken before about how important local gastronomy is when we visit any city, since that gives us the opportunity to get to know much better the customs and traditions of the place where we are going to be, either for a day or for many more. Today I would like to talk about the gastronomy in Caracas , a very interesting city where you can try authentic delicacies.

In the capital of Venezuela there is a great variety of ingredients to compose the different typical dishes, a cuisine in which influences from the cuisines of other countries can be appreciated and which stands out for the influences that Mediterranean cuisine has on it. The countries that most influence the gastronomy of Caracas are Spain, Mexico, Italy, India and Thailand, achieving culinary wonders by mixing with Venezuelan ingredients.

The great influence of Canarian food stands out , a region that has such an important union with Venezuela that, in fact, in the Canary Islands it is said that this country is "The eighth island". The most typical dish in Caracas is the pabellón criollo , which is made up of white rice, shredded meat, black beans and fried plantain. Also noteworthy are the Creole black roast, the cachapa with Guiana cheese, the chicken salad or the Hallaca.

If there is something that stands out not only in Caracas but also in Venezuela, it is the arepa , a round-shaped dough that opens and is filled with different things, such as chicken, tuna or shredded meat. It is something similar to empanadillas but with another dough that can be fried as well as cooked in the oven. Other delicious dishes are the olleta de gallo , the mantuano stew, the sweet cake or the chupe de gallina. As for the drinks, one of the most famous is the slide, which is made from rice water and orange blossom essence.