Gastronomy of Mexico

On several occasions we have recommended different destinations in Mexico , both paradisiacal beaches and other places of great interest, whether cultural or architectural. Today I would like to focus on its gastronomy, which is not only very varied but also delicious. I remember that when I was working on a cruise ship that toured various places in Mexico, whenever I was on land I would go to any local restaurant to be able to try something different every day … how wonderful!

The most characteristic of Mexican food is spicy, so if you do not like strong flavors you will not enjoy food in Mexico, although of course I recommend you try them because you will be surprised. Take note of the main details of Mexican gastronomy :

Cereals : They are part of many dishes, especially corn, rice and wheat. With the corn, the typical Mexican tortillas are prepared.

Vegetables : They are also in many dishes, especially cenizos, quintoniles, huauhzontles, purslane or romeritos. The famous guacamole is made with tomato, jalapeño and avocado.

Other ingredients : There are other foods that are also part of many dishes, such as legumes (especially beans), cheese (it is in many of the most typical dishes) or cocoa, which is used especially for sweet dishes but it is also in many hot and savory dishes.

Chile : It is probably the most typical of Mexican food, a very spicy condiment that they put in almost all their dishes.

Drinks : Tequila is the national liquor so you will find it everywhere and even with different flavors. Other well-known alcoholic beverages are mezcal and pulque, although the latter has almost disappeared.

Typical dishes : Among the most typical and almost obligatory consumption if you are in Mexico are the drowned cakes, the refried beans or the Mexican eggs.