Get to know Leuven in one day

Leuven is a university city in Belgium that is only 20 minutes by train from Brussels . It is the capital of Flemish Brabant where young students pedal between the emblematic buildings of the old town. It is ideal to know it in 24 hours , since all the interesting and charming places are very close to each other.


The avenue in front of the station takes us to the center. Its shops and boutiques immediately immerse you in the atmosphere of the city. If your visit is on a Friday or Saturday you will discover its cheerful markets .
Leuven has preserved its medieval character , you can discover it by taking its City Tour where you will enjoy different tourist attractions.


In the center, look for a terrace and eat something. Next to the Town Hall the bars follow one after another. In summer the terraces invade the main square.
On the façade of the Town Hall you have nothing more and nothing less than 236 images of famous characters from the history of the city. Of great beauty is the Plenary Hall , with paintings showing important events in the city.


If you fancy a longer walk , walk to the end of the Schapenstraat to the Greater Beguinage , a UNESCO World Heritage Site . Today it is a university residence. Don’t get lost and continue walking to the Botanical Garden, which is the oldest in Belgium .
Quench your thirst at the Domus craft brewery , near the Plaza Mayor . Three types of craft beers flow directly from the brewery into the bar’s kegs.


To conclude this magnificent day, enjoy the cozy atmosphere that is breathed among the people of the city. Let yourself be seduced by one of its many terraces and have a quiet dinner after such an exhausting day.