Go to work in Germany

With the current economic crisis, many people decide to pack their bags to try their luck in countries where things are much better. One of them is Germany , one of the European countries with the lowest unemployment rate and also a great economic power.

In the 1960s there were already many Spaniards who decided to emigrate to Germany , and the truth is that since last year the number of people who decide to go to that country to seek a better future has been growing.

In January of last year, a collaboration between the Public Employment Services of Spain and Germany began through EURES , a project that aims to recruit qualified Spanish personnel who want to work in Germany in sectors such as hospitality, health, tourism, teaching or engineering.

The positions that are currently most in demand are those of milling workers, researchers, health workers , cooks or waiters , so if yours is one of them and they are unemployed, don’t think twice and go to Germany. Even if you are not fluent in the language, you do need to have basic knowledge to defend yourself, and there are many jobs that you can find from here to travel with the contract already under your arm.

No matter how much experience you have, if you do not speak German “or dad” they will not hire you, so the first thing is that you start studying a little to at least defend yourself in a telephone interview or via email (it is useless to use an online translator since when you get there they will see that you don’t speak at all).

Once in Germany, there are many schools for foreigners , many of them subsidized, so you will not have much problem in continuing to learn the language. If you live in Madrid, there is a German school that specializes in training professionals who want to emigrate, so contact the Spanish-German Association of Technical Education in Madrid and you will have it much easier.

By consulting the EURES network you will find information about jobs, language and a lot of other things that you will need for your life in Germany. In this network you will also find jobs for many other countries and there are currently almost a million vacancies , so it will not be very difficult for you to find a job far from here.