Hotel run by blondes in the Maldives

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to attract attention so that people buy their products or hire their services, but the truth is that this time I have been stunned, not to say freaked out. Giving the globe a little spin to write something original, I find the wonderful Maldives , a place where we would all love to get lost sometime in our lives. Well, researching this Asian paradise, I find a curious place that has captured all my attention: a hotel run by blondes . Just for blondes.

The original idea came from a Lithuanian company a few months ago, Olialia is called the company (which translated means Oh la la!). Well, these people want to open a most exclusive luxury resort and their staff announcement was quite clear: only blondes will have options to work in it, whatever the position, from selling a Coke on the beach even running the restaurant. Never mind. Either you are blonde or you can’t work.

Customers are offered an exclusivity that would start from the plane, since they would arrive on the island by charter flight where both the hostesses and the pilots have to be blonde. Of course, various organizations in the Maldives have raised their voices and hundreds of complaints for considering it abusive, racist, sexist and discriminatory, because the law also says that employees in the sector must be 50% local, and like over there blondes do not proliferate much, that could not be fulfilled. There are various complaints there, but these people have not withdrawn at the moment and are moving forward with the project.

Faced with such a stir, the company was quick to clarify the ad and say that local brunettes will also be able to work, but that when they see how beautiful and cute the blondes are, they will want to be like them and will dye themselves. The best thing is that Oliala says that the idea is to eliminate the famous image that blondes are dumb to show how well they work. I honestly believe that the ones who dye themselves more stupid to be able to work there.