Kali Gandaki, the deepest gorge in the world

Kali Gandaki Gorge1
The gorges are geographical accidents caused by the force of the water as it passes through the softer territories. Sometimes these are cracks so deep that they seem like authentic entrances to the center of the Earth. For this reason, many of these canyons have become tourist spectacles that occupy very prominent places in the most prestigious travel guides.

Today we want to tell you about one of the most impressive gorges on the planet, if not the most spectacular. And it is the deepest in the world. We are referring to Kali Gandaki . Do you want to discover all the details of this gorge? Well, do not miss anything that we tell you below!

A gorge that separates two eight thousand

The sacred river Kali Gandaki, which originates from the Nhubine Himalm glacier, located at an altitude of 6,000 meters, has caused an impressive crevice to the south that bears the same name as the stream that we have just mentioned. In reality, it is a gorge that separates two of the eight thousand (terrain elevations greater than 8,000 meters) in the world: the Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna. Keep in mind that on the entire planet there are only 14 eight thousand.

Kali Gandaki Gorge2

5,500 meters of unevenness

What is most surprising about the entire gorge are the 5,500 meters of unevenness from the ground to the summit of Dhaulagiri, at 8,167 meters. Considering that it is one of the highest mountains in the world, we are not surprised that it is the deepest gorge on the planet.

Kali Gandaki Gorge3

A trade route

In the past, what is now a famous hiking trail was a trade route between Tibet and Nepal. And it is necessary to bear in mind that the river passes through the kingdom of Muastang towards the border between these two territories. Today it is integrated into the Annapurna Circuit, one of the most popular trekking tours in the world, which is part of the Annapurna Conservation Area. If you want to tour the Kali Gandaki, you must hire Sherpas, guides or porters, although you also have the possibility of hiring some of the circuits offered by some international tourist companies.

Kali Gandaki Gorge4

The Annapurna Conservation Area

The Annapurna Conservation Area is a protected area of ​​Nepal that covers an area of ​​7,629 km2 and includes the districts of Manang, Mustang, Kaski, Myagdi and Lamjung. Of course, the area also includes the Annapurna , a mountainous massif where, in addition to an eight thousand (Annapurna I), there are several peaks of more than 7,000 meters. To conserve and maintain the area, where 28 classes of ecosystems have been distinguished, the money collected from the permits that must be obtained by all those who want to visit the area are used.

Kali Gandaki Gorge5

Other spectacular gorges

This is not the only gorge in the world that will take your breath away. Throughout the planet you can find many vertigo gorges and canyons, such as the Geech Abyss (Ethiopia), the Colca Canyon (Peru), the Samaria Gorge (Greece), the Grand Canyon (United States), the Tiger Falls Gorge (China), Yusufeli Gorge (Turkey), Fish River Canyon (Namibia) or Tara River Canyon (Montenegro). Would you dare to visit any of them?

Then we leave you with our gallery , where you can take a look at a lot of photographs of the Kali Gandaki gorge. Do not miss it! I assure you that you are going to love them!